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Managing Upheaval

Managing Upheaval

If there is one word to describe 2020 so far, it is “Upheaval”.  So far this year we have seen:

  • Teetering on the brink of WWIII
  • Australia ravaged by fire
  • COVID 19 pandemic
  • Schools closed
  • Lockdown
  • Shortages of all types
  • Farmers plowing under crops due to supply chain breakdowns
  • Record unemployment
  • Plague of locusts
  • Murder hornets
  • Civil unrest, rioting and destruction with no end in sight

Those are just the highlights.  It has been a crazy year and it is not over yet.  

No one has escaped the upheavals of this year unscathed.  We have all been affected in one way or several, and we are all a bit on edge about what is in store for us next.

Here on the farm, we have been fortunate to be able to raise our own food, distance ourselves easily and stay busy with chores and projects, but our friends and loved ones have been in the thick of it.  I have children and grandchildren in some of the deadliest hotspots of the virus.  Some are thousands of miles away from me, and the rest might as well be because travel is so heavily restricted right now.  I worry about their health, I worry about their safety, I worry they do not have enough food and supplies on hand.  I wish they were all here under my wing.

I worry a lot these days, we all do.

That is why I am starting a new series here on the blog called Managing Upheaval because unmanaged upheaval leads to chaos and that is what we are starting to see when we turn on the news at night. Chaos is a thief that robs us of sleep and peace of mind.  Chaos makes us feel anxious and afraid, it confuses us and makes it impossible to manage the change that is happening so rapidly around us.  If we cannot manage upheaval, we cannot make good decisions, and this is a time that calls for sound decision-making.   The world feels out of control right now and that makes us feel unsafe.

I do not have all the answers, it is pretty clear no one does, but I do have a good deal of experience with upheaval.  I am happy to share some of the things I’ve experience and what came out of them.  I hope you will share your stories and your take-aways too in the comments section below.  We strengthen each other by learning from each other.

The only constant in life is the certainty of change, at times like this, that is a comfort.   

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